An interview with Seth Godin!

An interview with Seth Godin! video 19:23

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In this video, I interview the legend, Seth Godin. These 20 minutes are pure gold. Seth talks about a lot of topics like marketing, mindfulness entrepreneurship, fear, doing the work that matters, etc.

My name is Pranav Kale and I am the founder of Towards Fulfilment.

Through Towards Fulfilment my intention is to use meditation techniques to empower people live their life more mindfully. I am a firm believer that Mindfulness has the potential to solve most of the man-made problems in the world. With that mission in mind, I have taught meditation to people suffering from issues like addiction, anxiety, depression, obesity, etc.

Through this YouTube channel, I plan to produce videos on topics such as Mindfulness, Meditation, Emotions and general Happiness. The intent here is to provide value to the subscribers.

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An interview with Seth Godin! video 19:23

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