Are Great Leaders Born Or Made?

Are Great Leaders Born Or Made? video 04:06

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There are certain qualities that many leaders have in common. Are these qualities learned or are they inherited? What makes a leader great?

Do Women Make Better Leaders Than Men? –
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Nature Vs Nurture: Are Leaders Born Or Made? A Behavior Genetic Investigation Of Leadership Style
“With the recent resurgence in popularity of trait theories of leadership, it is timely to consider the genetic determination of the multiple factors comprising the leadership construct. Individual differences in personality traits have been found to be moderately to highly heritable, and so it follows that if there are reliable personality trait differences between leaders and non-leaders, then there may be a heritable component to these individual differences.”

Successful Careers: A Matter Of Confidence
“People with too little confidence in their own abilities can get passed over for promotions and miss chances to disseminate their research findings or gain new work experiences. But too much self-confidence can cause you to miss out, too: It puts you in danger of going into interviews underprepared, alienating colleagues, or finding it difficult to accept constructive feedback that could make you a better scientist.
Learning to keep your self-confidence within a realistic range-neither too little nor too much-can speed your progress in your research and career.”

What Is Leadership?
What is leadership, anyway?
“Such a simple question, and yet it continues to vex popular consultants and lay people alike. I’ve now written several books on leadership for employee engagement, and yet it occurred to me that I never actually paused to define leadership. Let’s start with what leadership is not…”


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Are Great Leaders Born Or Made? video 04:06

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