Biography : Donald Trump (Documentary)

Biography : Donald Trump (Documentary) video 45:53

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He is a modern Midas who has elevated the business of deal-making to an art form and came to epitomize a glitzy, greedy era, only to see his fortune and fame threatened by changing times. By the age of 40, Donald Trump was one of New York’s most successful real estate developers. The epitome of ’80s glamour, he had a high profile wife, a lavish lifestyle and public adulation. But as the decade ended, it seemed that his luck went with it. Here is the story of his incredible rise, decline and improbable rebirth as a mogul for the ’90s. It is a fascinating look at the life and times of the man whose name has become a symbol of wealth and status Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump: Deal Maker” profiles the real-estate tycoon. Included: wife Marla Maples; Judge Maryanne Trump Barry (Trump’s sister); attorney Jay Goldberg; George Roff of the U.S. Department of Commerce; and Trump assistant Norma Foederer.

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Biography : Donald Trump (Documentary) video 45:53

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