Business Blogging Tip: 4 Learning Styles

Business Blogging Tip: 4 Learning Styles video 04:46

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Blog readers take in information using four different learning styles. People are imaginative, analytical, common sense or dynamic learners. To appeal to each learning style, write your business blog posts addressing different needs.

When writing a business blog, be aware that not everybody learns the same way, not everybody takes in information and processes like you do.

Try to include four kinds of questions readers might be asking. Don’t leave anyone out.

Ask and answer these questions in each post: why, what, how and what if.

Business blogging expert Patsi Krakoff, Psy.D. representing The Blog Squad™ and partner Denise Wakeman teaches professionals how they can make their blog writing more effective in order to educate, entertain and engage blog readers and potential clients.

Business Blogging Tip: 4 Learning Styles video 04:46

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