Employee Assistance Program – EAP – EapAssist Australia

EapAssist provides employees with immediate confidential phone counselling support Australia wide.

We recognize that one of the most crucial aspects of effective assistance is for it to be provided as quickly as possible.

The aim of our counselling is to resolve both work and personal problems before they impact adversely on work performance and general well-being.

Common issues include workplace conflict, difficult working relationships, stress, workplace change and workplace trauma as well as personal issues such as depression, grief, anxiety, alcohol and substance abuse, gambling and other addictions, communication problems and self-esteem.

These issues can cause work problems such as absenteeism, friction, poor productivity, high staff turnover, reduced performance and low job satisfaction. These problems may also affect health and well-being as well as the ability to cope with the demands of everyday life.

Our clients include small local employers with several employees right through to multinational employers with hundreds of employees Australia wide.

EapAssist provides immediate counselling to Australian workers to resolve issues of concern.

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