Failed Startup – How Spotify Killed Rdio

Failed Startup – How Spotify Killed Rdio video 03:08

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Business Case Study # 2 – Spotify vs Rdio

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In this video we talk about the 3 reasons why Rdio failed:
– Rdio focused on problems that didn’t exist
– Rdio had poor brand awareness compared to Spotify
– Rdio had a poor pricing strategy

Rdio is a great example of a failed startup with an amazing product, but poor marketing. Rdio’s failure to build brand awareness ultimately lead to the startups downfall.

In this business case study, we identify other crucial mistakes Rdio made in their execution when compared to Spotify.

Rdio may have had a better product overall compared to Spotify, but they were completely outmaneuvered by Spotify in crucial areas like: Marketing and Pricing.

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Failed Startup – How Spotify Killed Rdio video 03:08

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