How To Build A Community Website With BuddyPress

How To Build A Community Website With BuddyPress video 03:52

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How To Build A Community Website With BuddyPress

Do you want to build an online community similar to Facebook except on your own domain?

Do you want members to be able to register and interact with each other in a private or public setting?

Here are the steps for building a community website

1. Define your purpose and goals

Many website owners build a site without clarifying it’s true purpose and goals. For example the purpose of a church website could be to increase membership, keep track of upcoming events and accept online donations.

2. Install WordPress

One thing to keep in mind here for installing WordPress to use with Buddy Press
is that it…
*Should be installed manually via FTP.
*Don’t use web hosting scripts such as Fantastico, Softalicious
*BuddyPress does not work when you install WordPress in its own directory
*Instead place it in the root directory

For information how to do that go to my complete guide on installing BuddyPress by visiting this website:

3. BuddyPress Plugin Installation

To do that simply go to your Plugins ..Dashboard — Plugins in your WordPress site then search for the plugins then install and activate the plugin.

Then you’ll also want to go to themes after you’ve done that and install the BuddyPress Default Theme.

4. Configure the BuddyPress Components

So if you go down to settings, buddypress you’ll see here all the components

5. Configure the BuddyPress Pages

Let’s say you want “Register” to be accessed on a page called “Registration”. You simply create a blank page titled “Registration” first by going to pages, add new and create the registration page and then save it.

6. Configure the BuddyPress Settings

Go to settings and here you can see that you’ve checked all the boxes on the main profile settings

7. Next you want to Set-up the Profile Fields

So we go to users, profile fields and here you can add a new field that’s relevant to the purpose of your social network.

8. Create a customized navigation menu

Simply go to your dashboard, appearance, menus and as you can see I’ve assigned a menu here where you save the menu.

9. Install The Calendar Events Plugin

Here’s an example of the events plugin displayed on the website.

And now I’d like you to download my free report “21 ways to promote your blog post that you probably wish you knew.

To read the complete guide on how to build a community website with BuddyPress visit:

How To Build A Community Website With BuddyPress

How To Build A Community Website With BuddyPress video 03:52

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