Junkyards – Where GARBAGE is MONEY! Amazing Documentary

Junkyards – Where GARBAGE is MONEY! Amazing Documentary video 44:22

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Junkyards – Where GARBAGE is MONEY! Amazing Documentary Film

A wrecking yard (Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian English), scrapyard (British English) or junkyard (American English) is the area of a business in taking apart where damageded or decommissioned cars are brought, their usable parts are sold for usage in running cars, while the unusable steel components, called scrap steel components, are offered to metal-recycling business. Various other terms include wreck lawn, wrecker’s yard, salvage backyard, breakers yard, dismantler and scrapheap. In the United Kingdom, auto salvage backyards are known as automobile breakers, while bike salvage backyards are called bike breakers. In Australia, they are often referred to as romper-stompers, cloankums or recyclable waste retention fields.

A scrapyard is a reusing facility that sells and gets scrap steel. Scrapyards are properly a scrap steel brokerage firm. Scrap lawns generally buy any base metal; for example, iron, steel, stainless steel, metal, copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, and nickel would certainly all be found at a modern-day scrapyard.

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Junkyards – Where GARBAGE is MONEY! Amazing Documentary video 44:22

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