Michael E. Gerber | The E-Myth (BONUS)

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Michael E. Gerber | The E-Myth (BONUS) video 58:11

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Hosted by Jordan Harbinger and AJ Harbinger

Just because you start your own business doesn’t automatically mean you’re an entrepreneur. For instance, a dentist might have gotten excellent grades in school for learning how to fix teeth, but has zero business chops when it comes time to open his or her own practice.

Michael E. Gerber, author of the E-Myth series (with nearly 30 books tailored toward very specific niches) tells us what we can do to break away from this Entrepreneurial Myth and turn our self-imposed jobs into so much more. Enjoy this bonus!

The Cheat Sheet:
The E-Myth — the Entrepreneurial Myth — is the misguided belief that anyone going into business is an entrepreneur.
How does a true entrepreneur approach the process of building an enterprise?
Why everyone in your business needs to be replaceable — even you.
Why it’s crucial to plan the exit strategy for your business — even if you haven’t started a business yet.
How to think about your business as systems-focused instead of people-focused in order to avoid the pitfalls that cause most small businesses to fail.

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Michael E. Gerber | The E-Myth (Bonus)

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