Poke The Box Seth Godin

Poke The Box Seth Godin video 08:02

I suck at reading. I’m slow. I don’t finish books. And I want to get better so I can learn more, grow, and be better.

This video blog series is my hack to holding myself accountable. I am going to put out a video blog each time I finish a book, including the next book on my list, and unpack the completed book.

This may not be sexy, but I know if I say I’m going to read a book to you, I won’t quit on myself because I read slowly and it takes me awhile to read. Hopefully, over time, I’ll not only read and learn, but I’ll improve my reading skills and have some really interesting conversations with some new friends about topics that are positive about fostering growth and becoming better.

Welcome tot he show and thank you for holding me accountable!

Poke The Box Seth Godin video 08:02

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