The 3 P’s of Revenue Growth: People, Process, Product

The 3 P’s of Revenue Growth: People, Process, Product video 38:13

On today’s episode of the SBI Sales and Marketing Video Podcast, we delve into the most important aspects of promoting revenue growth. Visit to follow along at home.

02:37 90 days to increase sales – what steps to take
03:30 Evaluating your sales team for effectiveness
07:32 Developing a buyer-led sales process
09:26 Investigating your customers’ buying process to increase sales
10:33 Marrying your product strategy to your sales training
14:05 Continue to increase revenue in year two of your transformation
20:43 Strong leadership is vital to increasing revenue growth
27:31 An action plan to revitalize your sales process
31:44 Why getting a few sales wins immediately is important
34:23 Mistakes to avoid at all costs

SBI Sales and Marketing Video Podcast Episode Summary:

On today’s episode, Greg Alexander, CEO of SBI and host of the show, sits down with Joe Vitalone, the executive vice-president and president of Mitel Networks, to discuss his methods for promoting new revenue growth in a flagging sales team.

We begin with the steps to evaluate your sales team for sales effectiveness, which should take place in the first 90 days. Evaluating the sales team can reveal the biggest strengths or weaknesses of the sales process.

Next, we evaluate the buyer as an aspect of the product strategy. In order to increase revenue growth, it is important to discover how, when and why your buyer buys, and shift your product strategy off the seller and to the buyer. A vital part of this process includes integrating new processes with your trainings, in order to properly equip your team to sell.

Finally, we examine how to move into year two of your transformation and to continue to increase revenue by building upon your achievements from the first year. We also examine the most important steps to remember when developing a plan to increase revenue growth, and pitfalls to avoid.

Ready to Make Your Number?

If you want a copy of the workbook mentioned in this video, go to report to see the details of our six step revenue growth method, which covers market research, corporate strategy, product strategy, marketing strategy, sales strategy and talent strategy. If you want to have one of SBI’s seasoned sales and marketing consultants help you implement our revenue growth strategy in your organization, let us know at‐us/.

The 3 P’s of Revenue Growth: People, Process, Product video 38:13

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