The Jay Kim Show Episode #40: Seth Godin

The Jay Kim Show Episode #40: Seth Godin video 34:30

Seth Godin is a bestselling author, distinguished teacher, prolific blogger, and eminent entrepreneur. He’s been described as the world’s foremost expert on marketing in the digital age and routinely writes about a wide range of topics, including education, leadership, the power of ideas, and personal development.

After founding two hugely successful Internet companies in the first half of his career, Seth turned his focus to spreading ideas and helping others achieve greatness by pushing them to get outside their comfort zones. As the author of over 18 books and the founder of the altMBA, an online leadership and management program, Seth describes himself as a teacher first and entrepreneur second.

In this week’s episode, Seth and Jay dive deep into what it means to be creative and how marketing works to keep you complacent and unhappy. Tune-in to learn:

Why competence is overrated and how it’s killing your creativity
How to know if you’re ready for Seth’s altMBA program
Why big companies work to keep you compliant by stifling your creativity
How to use fear as a compass to unlock your creativity and get out of your comfort zone
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Jay Kim is a Hong Kong-based global investor, author and host of the popular podcast, The Jay Kim Show which educates aspiring entrepreneurs and global investors through interviews with top global business leaders. Subscribe via iTunes and feel free to reach out directly to Jay on Twitter @jaykimmer

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The Jay Kim Show Episode #40: Seth Godin video 34:30

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