The “Unexpected Benefits” Of Risk Taking In Business

The “Unexpected Benefits” Of Risk Taking In Business video 07:11

What are the risks you’re taking in life and are you taking enough risks? How risky is it to start a business?

Today I’m filming live from Vancouver, Canada with my friend and associate Katya. The topic you’ll be learning about in this video is fear. In particular, fear as it relates to business risktaking. I want to show you through tangible, real-life examples in the experiences of Katya, myself, and other people I’ve encountered in entrepreneurship that most of your fear when starting your own business, believe it or not, is not justified.

The Absurdity of Fear In Business Risktaking

A lot of the people who are current or potential clients in my mastermind first start off with a heavy dose of fear connected to their future in successful entrepreneurship. This is one of the first things that I endeavor to remove when I begin working with them towards their goals for business.

To begin, let’s start with some good news. Many of you watching this (myself included), live in relatively safe and wealthy countries with an abundance of opportunities to be taken advantage of. Many of the perceived problems you may be thinking about are not real problems. Tons of potential victories in business are right here under our noses.

What stops most people from making the best use of this fact is generally fear. What’s funny about this is that it’s not the fear for little unimportant things that come and go with day-to-day existence holding you back… it’s fear for massive life-changing events which are usually out of your ultimate control.

Real Life Examples of Taking The Risk

Let’s look at this in action. My friend Katya here just came to Victoria, Canada about a year ago from Crimea. She’s 18 years old on the other side of the world in an environment about remotely different as you can get from Crimea… and yet she’s pursuing both modeling and pursuing a full-time college education in art history.

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The “Unexpected Benefits” Of Risk Taking In Business video 07:11

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